Abi Charlesworth

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"Uncanny objects are produced through the collective use of sculpture and drawing. These objects deflate known forms into a remembered shape that questions its own context and materiality. Without context the object can be appreciated visually as an item without function: they become playful. In the development of the object the context is simplified and paired down to an almost graphic level before re-inflating into a 3-dimensional form. In turn these sculptures act as much as drawings by using their own line and edge to hint at something once forgotten. Whilst integrating themselves into a utopian environment that folds the space between reality and imagination. In the installation of these sculptures they toe the line between obstacles and curiosities. Functioning to direct the viewer to engage with their surroundings; as a form of activation to pause and look closer, while questioning the objects familiarity. The dismissal of formal function in these sculptures allows the object to be removed from context; concurrently, in their reduction they seem like an outsider. Not quite ordinary, not quite comfortable."