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Bianca Mierlea

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Bianca Mierlea is a Romanian artist based in London. Through her works she explores different esoteric concepts such as out of body experiences, the vibrational frequency that surrounds all of us, the existence of parallel universes, spirituality, but also concepts of femininity and the power of the self.

In her works she plays with different aspects such as: real-unreal, solid-non solid, human versus hybrid being. Through her paintings, ceramics and textile works she shows the power of the transformative energy, the journey of the self/higher self, spiritual guides and the contrasts between reality and dream. She takes her inspiration from organic shapes, images that she recollects from a meditative state. Her working process is based on a contrast between instinct versus rational, memory and fluidity that blends with the materiality and multiple textures that she uses.

With each work she aims to create a new universe and to break the boundaries between the physical self and the spiritual one in order to connect them.
In her paintings and textile art she combines a sense of movement and transformation which is connected with the ephemerality of the human self which is in contrast with the spiritual self. The vivid colours that she uses in her work are inspired from nature, different types of plants, but also from the way she envisions other realities.

She is also inspired by the human body, especially by the women forms and how these connect with the true self and the hybrid beings that she creates with her art.
One question that surrounds Bianca Mierlea’s practice is ‘What if the reality is the dream?’.

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