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Brooke Milliken

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My process-led practice explores the disparate facets of identity and their intertwined politics, aiming to reflect on and highlight how marginalized individuals and communities create, work, and survive. Often autobiographical in nature, my work is loosely informed by philosophical and psychological research, seeking to explore how lived experiences of otherness and intersectionality inform the daily lives of artists.

Brooke Milliken (b. 1996, Edinburgh) is a multidisciplinary artist, facilitator and thinker who primarily uses time-based methods to investigate the boundaries of social class, gender, and race. Her works in moving image, text, photography, and sound document her interest in domesticity, working classness, feminism, and psychology, which are recurrent themes throughout her work. Brooke continues to work alongside arts organizations, aiming to build meaningful relationships with communities and inspire those who may face barriers to engaging with the arts.

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