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Calum Craik

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My art practice aims to examine the effects of neoliberalism and how this ideology functions through a set of principles as well as through physical signifiers, material conditions and social relationships. I use materials from physical sites which exemplify neoliberal ideals such as containerized ports, tech hubs, construction sites and private property but also cultural items such as worker uniforms like down vests and tech convention backpacks. I also make use of personal/familial items and narratives, which reference labor, housing and privatization policy.

The invisibility of neoliberalism is one of its strengths. I aim to make its often coercive and dematerialized forms visible. By stripping objects of their function and revealing the traces of invisible labor I open up a space to question the market forces which lay coded in their form. I also engage in social practice works which aim to create people centered creative acts which aim to create alternative modes of value and exchange.

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