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I'm a proud working class disabled queer woman with a passion for creativity, compassion, colour and fun. I'm originally from Huddersfield in Yorkshire! My art is a multitude of different things because I find it hard to put all my energy into one thing at once.

I started my band in lockdown, playing bass, wailing into a mic and doing bedroom recordings with my friends helped my low self esteem and made music so much more accessible to me! It also encouraged me to do graphic design and photography to create the imagery that went along with the dreampop/shoegaze/whatever music that we were making.

For me, being working class is a mixture of pride and anger, proud because I love my culture, I love being down to earth, I love being aware. But I'm always going to be angry about the poverty and austerity that cost me so much compared to my peers and how the gap between the rich and poor has made me feel segregated and alienated..

HOWEVER I know for a fact that I have energy, weirdness and empowerment coming out of my ear holes and I wouldn't swap that for all the money in the world!

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