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Christoph Jones

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Christoph Jones produces multimedia works with a clear focus on trying to make art that is bigger than himself and his world. These conceptual pieces are guided by a ferocious questioning of societal, political and ethical axioms, using his art as a vehicle for activism and self expression.

His work contains a deep sensitivity of the individual within a global context, often portraying a single person’s account or impression of an event though metaphor, image or allegory. Jones’ current body of work seeks to draw attention to hostile approaches taken by the European Union and the UK government towards migration, as well as the impact of global Climate Breakdown, whilst pointing a finger at the Capitalistic machinations that cause and prolong these issues.

The artist’s goal is to to enroll the viewer in the work - removing the option of disconnecting from what the artist believes is the reality. On the surface the work may seem negative, angry, and sad but, ultimately, Jones’ hopes that by extrapolating the grim, it can encourage utopia.

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