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David Clarkson

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Dave is a UK based interdisciplinary visual artist, curator and producer, who’s experimental approach to their practice blends the use of Live Performance Art, Installation,

Dave gained a degree in Fine Arts from Nottingham Trent University (2009) and has worked with a number of UK Higher education Institutes as a creative technican.

Dave was a attributing member to DIY Performance Platform Little Wolf Parade, GAL Collective (a neurodivergent queer artist-as-activist-led initiative) at their gallery/performance space: Guerilla Art Lab. Before collaborating with artist/researcher Sam Metz.

Dave has performed, shown artwork and taught, nationally and internationally for over 15 years in a variety of gallery spaces, festivals, theatres, artist-led spaces, site-specific locations and uninvited public actions/interventions. Notable performances have been at Circuit International DMU, Nottingham Contemporary and Attenborough Arts centre.

Through my art, I aim to create a sense of place that is both beautiful and meaningful, and that encourages the audience to connect with their surroundings in a deeper way.

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