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Denise Laura Baker

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My work spans the breadth of community, activism, connection, collectivism. As a child I grew up in a politically charged home, on a South East London council estate. It was a tight knit community and campaigning and activism were our bread and butter. Naturally I adopted the mantle of community activist attending protests and marches. I also pursued a sixteen year career as a psychologist and ethnographic researcher before slowly transitioning to a full time photography career. I now draw on both my qualitative research experience, and my childhood memories to inform my practice.

Much of my work as a photojournalist and documentary photographer is situated in activism and communities, capturing the way individuals stand together, work together, and interact, highlighting the whole picture and effecting change.

Combining documentary photography, photojournalism and alternative photographic processes with traditional handicraft techniques such as embroidery, needlework and collage, I employ as slow meditative process as a vehicle for my ideas. This process allows me to express my thoughts and feelings, using crafts that have a long history of female expression, often used by suppressed women as a means of telling their unheard story.

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