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About: is a visual artist with a thirst for candour. Through self-portraiture photography and the influence of personas, her practice has transformed into a journey of self-discovery and self-preservation. She invites her audience to witness a visual insight into the social practice of her personal life – bridging the gaps between the personal and the political.

She strives to stimulate her audience, creating thought-provoking environments which question both social injustice and existentialism. Through photography and film, she transforms her ‘self’ into characters / egos which hold a significant impact to her subject. Whilst her prop making, and installation skills provide a context for her expedition. Although her subjects may frequently seem unhinged and traumatic, she often provides humour, mixed with the uncanny to reiterate her message to the viewer.

Her ethos – art as activism takes motivation from second and third-wave feminist ideologies, with influence from female artists such as Cindy Sherman, Martha Rosler and Jo spence she seeks to disturb and dismantle the, in her eyes, somewhat corrupt world around her.

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