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Installation artist/ Sculptor

London, UK

Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou

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In my practice, I create uncomforting spaces of threat. I work with sculptural, multi-material and multi-media installations composed of performative objects that need to be activated from the spectators . Liturgical, theurgical elements, enforce an idea of togetherness, of collectivity and combine it with a form of trance induced in these situations.
Borrowing elements from brutalist and defensive architecture (such as barricades, protective talismans, thresholds) and the digital, religious and fantasy worlds (cosmic horror forms, video game monsters, liquified entities and eucharist rituals), I approach a general idea of Otherness and disconnection. At the same time there is the presence of smells, soundscapes and edible materials. The connection of the two domains can signal ideas such as transformation, invasion, processes in the making, quiet shifts and alterations.
I induce a sense of intense control, submission and sharpness. Everything becomes actively harmful. Sharp objects create uncertainty, they are disturbing yet alluring. Showing danger in advance, they connect what you see with what you dread. They demand your attention, revealing structures of a mute violence that is actively devouring. I am looking inside a space of threat, of fear mongery. Where the industrial meets the supernatural, everything is harmful and everything can pierce through you, even a pair of eyes. An interaction with an autonomous, ever-working system is an invocation of powers operating unpredictably, beyond the human ken. How does one navigate the unknown? It is a powerful way of losing control.

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