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Visual Art and Activism about Trans, Disabled, and Working class experiences



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"I'm a queer disabled artist and activist, my autobiographical work uses sentimental and emotionally charged materials to do with my personal history and rituals. I've been a professional artist for 14 years, but the last 8 I've been disabled, art has become my most valuable (and sometimes only) accessible means of communication. My main point of focus at the moment is navigating co morbid health conditions and disability, in an ableist healthcare system. By ignoring how interactions between acute and chronic illnesses need to be handled differently to able bodied patients, and accesability limitations in hopitals and services, the people most affected by their health are left with the least help with them. I make word collages during non-verbal panic/OCD attacks triggered by fear of increasing illness, and feelings of worthlessness from an ableist system, these works communicate to drs and carers why I can't just use the tools and resources able bodied people can to get out of the same situations. I use data and ritual based art as a healthier focus for my OCD and sketching the world around me connect during dissociation. I work narrative through art pieces you may not expect by making data art from medical testing and health trackers. I'm passionate about making art, but also about why, how and who gets to show their voice through art, in particular how certain materials are considered "highbrow" while at the same time, more everyday materials used historically by women and working class people have been gentrified out of our hands and voices by the middle class crafts movement over the last 20 years."

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