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Fuelled by the critical thinking of a graphic designer, the love for interesting visuals from punk and skate culture, and the enjoyment of expressionist movement from that of mosh pits, skateboarding, and the dirty fills of a graffiti writer.

I find my work flowers into three main forms, art work, design work, and experimental work, and as a result is very fit for purpose dependant on what it is. I have always preferred making things by hand, but sometimes I will use digital entirely, where if something is of a minimalistic and graphical nature I will use Adobe Illustrator, or if it has a layout or publication nature I will use Adobe InDesign. I have an attitude of using technology as a tool rather than a medium, something I have stuck to since art at college, minus in my second year where I feel off due to what I was exposed to.

Regardless of the medium, I feel that my work always voices an importance of attitude, craft, quality, visual interest, and originality. I have always kept true to defying the norm, and even if I do, I will seek a way to do it differently.
I have an interest in both letters and illustration, which is unsurprisingly of my background rich in poster and clothing designs. However lettering sits a strong place in my personality, just because it comes to me more naturally.

It is not uncommon to see markers used in my work, that of a black fine liner quality, ranging all the way to a wide tipped paint marker, as well as the blessing that is aerosol paint which I have been using for about three years now.

My use of spray paint is presumably explained by another practice long love, my interest in texture. I feel so strongly about it because it is such a genuine feature and just adds so much more character to any piece of work, not to mention how you can create interesting results out of the simplest things.