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Sculpture / Curator


Holly Williams-Richards

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My work explores ideas of place and feelings of longing through the use of print, sculpture, text and curatorial practices. I look at tragedies and joys in my own life and create in their common grounds. Branching across mediums; print and sculpture, the work seeks to reference real life objects and play with ideas of fiction in one fell swoop. Using the process of repetitive rebuilding, recreation and reassembly to create familiar objects that can be characterised as un-earthy and / or childlike. Inspired by geological and agricultural matter then redesigned and jumbled up through a playful, imagination heavy curatorial process. Currently focusing on geological matter and localised dialects, my work is inspired by my home town of Gloucester and current efforts to inspire creativity locally as well as travels across Italy. I am interested in how art exist both inside and outside of institutions and how we can challenge current curatorial norms to inspire and speak to the general public, making art access and fun at all levels.

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