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James is an award-winning Director, with a background in TV advertising and music video. He was previously the Senior Creative for brands such as MTV and Paramount.

He’s a keen storyteller and fan of all things weird and comedic; always happiest when creating work with a tactile, analog or nostalgic aesthetic.

Being from a working class background, he understands how hard it is to break into the TV and Creative industries. This has driven a desire to support the teams around him, and allow others from similar backgrounds to succeed.
It’s also given him an original view of the world, finding joy in exaggerating the intricacies of everyday life, always wanting to think big and allow the imagination to run wild.

His educational backgrounds in design and music also influence his style; having a keen eye for stylised art direction, an ear for high-energy pacing, and confidence when incorporating design and animation into his work.
Whether it's big-budget or micro-budget, he’s worked on shoots of all kinds; being able to direct anyone from young upcoming influencers and musicians to established TV talent.

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