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Janine Walker

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I graduated from Carmarthen College with an HND in 3D Design Crafts where I majored in metalwork including recycled tin sculptures & large-scale wire outdoor installations. Due to family commitments; raising a child, home-making, plus lack of opportunities in the local area to sustain necessary income, I didn’t apply my qualification professionally until 2015. Since then I’ve driven forward my creative career aspirations via a strong, self-curated programme of work & support.
As a 52-year old working-class woman who has spent much of her life within domestic settings, I’m interested in how we can use large-scale artworks to counteract the invisibility that many women face after a certain age & how we can champion unheard voices. To use metalwork as the basis for this challenges perceptions of traditional feminine materials & arts & although I hope to create beautiful structures, the relationship between beauty & strength is one I’m keen to underpin this process of development.

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