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Sculpture, installation, photography, performance


Johanna Bolton

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I have made studies of the kinks and knots in elastic bands, patterns deformed by scrunching up paper and, most recently, the fabric folds at the back of knees. It is a ritual gathering of knowledge, finding coexistence of the ridiculous and sublime through an honest awe at the complexity of even the most banal matters. They are also archives of human presence and the movement left behind in material form.

My work combines 3D materials, photography and performance. I tend to work in series, with objects going through change. It follows a system, sometimes rational and sometimes intuitive. I am interested in the awkwardness of systematic investigations where the end point remains elusive.

Whilst my practice is conceptual, it is important for me to work with materials; the resistance I meet there gives the work agency. Performers are invited to interact with the objects or installations. This is sometimes part of the narrative, or a way to investigate the shape relationship between sculptural and human forms.

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