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Multidisciplinary artist/jewellery/designer

Leeds, UK

Kaitlyn Bullen

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I am an artist/maker working in the medium of jewellery, but with a desire to expand my practice. I see jewellery as wearable sculptures: something personal and a method of translating a mood. I describe my jewellery as "a language in metal/jewellery with feelings".

I am interested in the interplay of movement, space, shape and the imagination. This is informed by practice as a yoga teacher, and by my background in art history, particularly the Surrealists and their worldview. My work is bound by the themes of perception, symbology and the ways the impermanent and imagined can be made tangible.

I use traditional jewellery making techniques and am interested in more experimental methods: metal casting using rocks, cracks in the landscape, water and sand.

My process of making always starts with my body or my perception of the world: how I feel in response to a stimuli. From here, I use various methods of processing this: I move, I notice the sensations in my body, I pay attention to my imagination and unconscious associations. This then leads to recording this perception either through mark marking, writing, automatic drawing, photography or video. Once this sensation or perception is out of my mind/body and into the world in a tangible sense, I create this feeling or movement in metal.

My previous projects illustrate this way of working. Previously, I have made jewellery by recording the moving shadows of trees through video/sketches, then made these shapes in metal. I photographed spaces in between clouds and the shape of a coastline, then translated them into a pari of earrings. I let sensation in my body inform automatic drawings, which were then cast in metal.

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