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Visual Artist, Creative Practitioner

Langley Mill

Karen Logan

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Karen Logan is a working class artist, born in London, raised in Essex and currently based on the boarder of Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire, UK. She has an MA with distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Karen’s practice is fundamentally influenced by being a survivor of childhood trauma and from a low socio-economic background. Her home was unsafe and Karen’s aptitude for drawing, colouring, sewing and knitting provided a focus and comfort of sorts. 

Honouring the lack of money and access in her childhood, Karen utilises materials that are widely available and/or of low monetary value, for example brightly coloured acrylic yarn, worn bed sheets, tablecloths and the contents of button tins. These materials are gathered in a variety of ways - from deceased female relatives, gifted by friends, discovered in charity shops or found and picked up.

Though her practice is prompted by a position of neglect and vulnerability, Karen embraces the power in this. To create is powerful. How far can she push processes learnt and materials available to her child self? Where is the point of wounded to wonder?

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