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Lydia Smith (Miss Lydia Photo)

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Meet Lydia Smith. With creativity flowing through her veins, Lydia is a professional photographer who lets her images do the talking. Launching Miss Lydia Photography officially in early 2021, Lydia has quickly built a diverse portfolio of work including commercial, headshot, portrait, food and restaurant photography.
With a passion for collaborating with clients, Lydia is unique in her ability to bring ideas to life. From capturing a range of new whisky products to portrait photography for Perth’s application to join UNESCO’s Creative City network, Lydia’s flexibility and innovative approach is what sets her apart.
Lydia has been a photographer for a number of years, but only took the leap professionally last year. Since then, her business has flourished and now has a studio space in the heart of her adopted hometown Dundee. While clients will receive a warm welcome in her studio, Lydia can also adapt to work on location, whether that’s in an office or beside a beautiful riverside.
Lydia has been paying her bills and building up her studio over the last year with commercial photography, but is very eager to use her talent to bring about some change! With lived experience of poverty and mental health struggles, she has some ideas brewing that she hopes to bring to fruition this year and is open to collaborations along the same vein.
Having lived in Dundee for most of her adult life, Lydia has lived and breathed the city and been able to develop her passion for photography with the support of a thriving creative community. This includes Creative Dundee Amps, a community of people who make and cultivate creativity in Dundee, of which Lydia is an active member.

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