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Photographer, Multidisciplinary Artist


Marcus Lister

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From growing up in a small working-class Industrial town in the north of England, To Living in the creative hub of East London, I have broadened my knowledge not just within photography itself, but also in what truly drives me to want to take photographs. As a child I was always openly exposed to my parents strong political influence; particularly my Mother; from her never rebellious actions of never paying poll tax and sharing stories of how the North East was crippled by the Thatcher era. The main concepts of my work have been inspired by my fascination with Middle Eastern, UK Politics and British working class culture.
My Dad has lived in the Middle East most of my life. From having this as my second home It has inspired me within my own practice document the way people live their lives.
I have found my voice through photography and Art and I have found a real passion for telling others stories who do not have a voice immensely empowering. I have dyslexia and through my practice it has allowed me to articulate myself in a manner I could never do academically. I want my work to openly affect people whether it be in a physical, emotional or educational way.

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