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Michał Kamil Piotrowski

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Michał Kamil Piotrowski is a visual poet, text artist, and curator living and working in Folkestone, UK. He writes experimental, visual, and technology-powered poetry. He enjoys making poetry interactive and he mostly works with found text. The themes he explores the most are technology, politics, love, and mental illnesses. His interactive book 'The Cursory Remix' (2021, Contraband Books) has been co-written with Google Translate.
His art has been exhibited on nine group shows in 2019-2022. His poetry has been published in innovative poetry magazines and in anthologies. He also performed at readings and festivals.
Michał started curating events in 2018, initially in London, UK. He is the father and driving force behind Beyond Text Poetry Festival and the artBLAB project (a series of laid-back online lectures about art and its whereabouts and interviews with artists). He curated in-person and virtual exhibitions, art talks and experimental poetry readings.
Michał teaches creativity and poetry, too (he's a workshop facilitator for Creativity for Corporate).

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