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Nicola Anthony

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A British Anglo-Indian sculptor based in the UK who has created public artworks around the world. She was recently appointed as artist-in-residence for the UK Government at the UK Pavilion in Dubai. One of her most noteworthy sculptures was commissioned for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, featuring the story of a Holocaust survivor.

Nicola is known for her signature metal text sculptures. She has been invited all over the world to work with NGOs, art institutions, & cultural research bodies to create art which tells powerful stories, connecting with history, people and places. Nicola says “I aim to give voice to important and often unspoken stories, revealing the inner worlds of people from different walks of life, exploring the human condition and the threads of commonalities between us all.” Recent research topics include communities and togetherness, the effects of displacement and migration, the concepts of home and place, the Earth’s story.

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