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Rosie Piercy

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"Rosie Piercy is a disabled, working class artist based in the West Midlands. Piercys' works are interdisciplinary, including text, digital images and sign-making, situated between public art, site specific works and institutional/popular critique. Graduating with a first class honours degree from the University of Worcester in 2019. Piercys’ work often uses site specific tools to communicate with a public audience. They use humor and fake truths, with works having double, triple of more meanings, leaving random encounters between the audience and visual pieces- adding or detracting context from the situation where it is displayed. Examples of sites range from warehouses (Project LUX, 2018), fencing (Nothing compares to EU, 2018) to more traditional white walled gallery spaces (Firstsite gallery, 2015). Satire is an important aspect of her practice. It is used to expose and relate subtle political happenings, feelings and discomforts; proposing possible ideas and understandings back into the public space where it originated. ​ Prominent works include 'Forever in Debt' (2019-), a series of responses related to discussion happening through the University of Worcester. Work curated using a window of the Art School considered how Fine Art students challenge conservative elements of Art education, with emphasis on possible censorship that may affect them both as a student or an emerging artist, With this series of works being selected by New Arts West Midland's to be presented at the 2019 Coventry Biennial. 'Forever in debt' began as a response to an open letter to Worcester News thankful for the NHS, with vinyl lettering strategically installed onto the front of the University of Worcester Art House building, playing with double meanings of text and site specific work. This was then censored, before being removed and opening a dialogue into institutional critique within an Art School setting with following works investigating this."

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