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Painting, Drawing, Collage, Mixed Media.


Stephen Feather

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I make paintings, drawings, collages and prints responding to urban culture. In my work, I am drawn to the form, shape, line and colour in an image, object or visual idea. In exploring these formal qualities with rapid sketching, painterly brushwork and experimentation I try to tease out new meaning and ideas and aim to form new images and works of art.

My process involves using photographs, newspapers and reproductions as source images and starting points. I have been inspired by the bold, direct, synthetic look of graphic design and illustration and my work has been influenced by Ukiyo-e woodblock printing, Manga, Surrealism, video games, television and advertising. I enjoy using the flat surface of the canvas to lay down vibrant colour relationships and bright hues. I also like to use layers to pull through hidden connections and to build visual complexity.

Most recently I have been working on a series of abstract, urban portraits which include my recent paintings; ‘A King’, ‘A Priest’ and ‘A Prophet’. These paintings are part of a project documenting abstract forms and shapes from urban culture. Taken from magazines, television, advertising boards and street furniture, the forms were redrawn and combined with additional layers to build each new image. Each painting is based on a representational form but they also act as a collection of layers or abstract forms.

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