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Muldtidisciplinary artist, photographer

Riverside, CA / Brooklyn, NY


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Vera Saldivar de Lira (Aguascalientes, Mexico 1993) is a visual artist and photographer living and working in Southern California and New York City. She employs different mediums to explore the material realities and social relationships that define the perception and use of space, as well as the production process and materiality of the image. She was named one of the 30 under 30 women photographers to watch in 2022 by; her works have been featured in Aint Bad, Zone Magazine, LA Times en Español, Museé Magazine and exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Vera is a 2022 recipient of Curious Publishing's BIPOC + Queer Publishing Fund with a forthcoming publication. With a background in Architecture, Vera holds a one-year certificate in Creative Practices from ICP and an MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from ICP/Bard College where she received the Arnold Newman Scholarship (2017-2018) and a Director’s Fellowship (2018-2020).

Through my practice, I investigate the relationship between the individual and space. More specifically, I’m interested in the social, political, and material relations of the individual under capitalism and the alienation caused by it; as well as the material conditions that shape the perception of space and inform the construction and reading of images. Through objects, photographic, and spatial interventions, I speculate on the materiality, processes of production, dissemination, and consumption of the image as an effort to question the value of the image and of the work of the artist.

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