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Xinan Yang

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Navigating the delicate balance between academic research and artistic practice, Xinan Yang delves into the convergence of her identity as a transnational student with the subtle observations and inspirations from everyday life. She believes that art transcends definitions—it serves as a conduit for exploration, expression, and connection, bridging individual and collective experiences across cultural and geographical divides.
In her prior artistic work, Xinan engaged with the complex dynamics between memory, identity, and culture. Her pieces, imbued with the essence of magical realism, are transformative interpretations of photographs rendered through painting. These artworks create an immersive mnemonic archive where tangible reality is seamlessly interwoven with elements of fantasy. The interplay of magical realism in her work invokes deep contemplation about a transcendent memory space, fostering an enriched exploration and comprehension of the self within the vast expanse of globalization.
Her scholarly research is rooted in the transformation of cultural and digital identities among transnational students, scrutinizing the ripple effects of these shifts on familial and societal ties. This academic pursuit establishes a foundation for probing the intricacies of modern identity. Simultaneously, Xinan's artistic journey inspires her to interact with the world intuitively and personally, celebrating the fortuitous and unexpected joys unearthed within the fabric of daily existence.
Xinan's "What's Next?" series encapsulates the essence of her exploration. Reflecting her curiosity and embrace of the fluid nature of the future, the series also delves into deep musings on identity, belonging, and the fabric of human connection. She extends an invitation to audiences to partake in this introspection, to consider our place within an ever-evolving world and to uncover the meaning woven through the tapestry of art.
This artist statement marks a pivotal evolution for Xinan Yang. She stands as an artist and a scholar unbound by singular definitions, advocating for the embrace of the varied and mutable facets of our identities and our creative outpourings. Just as water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground, Xinan is prepared to navigate through the unknown, to accept failure, and in doing so, discover the essence of self within the artistry of life's continuous unfolding.

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