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Zoe Everett

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I'm an artist and arts researcher based in Leeds and my work involves combining research and creative output. Im interested in researching artist/community relationships, community arts and alternative artist employment structures. I combine this research with a creative practice which predominantly focuses on printmaking, artists books and maquettes.

I explore the connection of people through communities, the connection of meaning to symbols in order to have shortcuts to communicate meaning (language). The connection of our mind to our body. The connection of our internalised feeling to an externalised image, like when we watch something gory and experience goosebumps. A sensation which acts as an idea of feeling. The decay of classical architecture and sculpture, how these forms are replicated as relationships to power. Through my practice I'm building up a structure of structures where images become references which then, as pastiche are removed from their original context. Each thing I make also takes part of the message from the medium. Things should be funny in a way, or not? It’s up to you whether you think something is funny. Ultimate everything I mess around with comes back to thinking about the interaction of intrinsic thought and physical experience.

I’m asking, what does it means to be connected? What does the way we build society and design our personal identities do? How can art and community, sub-groups/spaces be built to maintain resistance against marketisation? I am interested in the practical application of community arts-based ethics towards an ideal of community integrated artistic creation (not built on a prescriptive model of culture)

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