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Gathering Exhibition with SET Woolwich

We wanted to share some documentation from our show 'Gatherings' which took place in SET Woolwich from the 4th-17th of August. Thank you to all those involved in making it happen, to all the artists and all the wonderful visitors! It's been our biggest project yet hosting 28 artists including those who have taken part in our residencies at SET. This was a brilliant opportunity for us to showcase working class voices, stories and histories of our members and to also bring working class creatives together in person. The opening night solidified the importance of having a working class community to share stories and to support one another through the process of being an artist.

The artworks offered a variety of approaches to making and thinking, with the word 'Gatherings' distilling them into a space of collaborative belonging.

To Gather, to bring together. Gathering is a process of thoughtful contemplation, a cathartic approach to collecting. Artists in Gatherings have approached the making of works with a level of intimacy and trust through muted tones and care for their subject and practice. A softness runs throughout the works, balanced by a structural rhythm created by the ways in which they examine the world around them. Intimacy bleeds through familiarity, created by that softness of touch.

Gatherings presents a collection of deeply personal, delicate and powerful works.

Read more about the show via our interview with Gowithyamo

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