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SHARE this letter with your contacts, whether they’re university course leaders, gallerists or theatre directors - spreading the message of the Working Class Creatives Database to those within creative industries will help to provide opportunities for creatives and open up a conversation about hiring and facilitating a space for people from Working Class Backgrounds within the arts.

Dear Creative,

This is an open letter addressing the lack of people from working-class backgrounds within the creative industries. WE - The Working Class Creatives Database are calling for a change!

Who are we?

There is a known absence of people from working-class backgrounds in the creative arts. As of 2020, only 16% of the workforce in creative industries are from working-class backgrounds. Art is a reflection of our time and if working-class people are not given the opportunities to be able to develop sustainable careers in the arts, our stories are not represented. The ‘Working Class Creatives Database’ is a platform to share and highlight the work of working-class creatives.

The Working Class Creatives Database aims to facilitate a space that puts working-class creatives at the forefront; A space for conversation, connections, and sharing of opportunities, skills, and knowledge. This database is about creating a community amongst working-class artists and encouraging greater representation of the working-class experience within the arts.

Our aims:

  • Create a Community

  • Tackle Classism

  • Provide a Platform

Read our full Manifesto here

How Can I help?

Can you offer any of the following to our members?

- Advice

- Mentoring

- Tutorials

- Workshops

- Opportunities

- Connections

Become a WCCD Supporter:

The Working class creatives database recognises that those from Working Class backgrounds are less likely to have connections to creative industries and networks.

We have created our supporters page to give our members the opportunity to learn skills, receive advice, mentoring and tutorials, as well as attend workshops and build connections.

In becoming a supporter you are pledging to offer one or more of the above to help working-class creatives. You will have a profile on our Website which will let the working class creatives know what skills you will be offering and that you are happy to be contacted by our database members.

You will also pledge to share the database with your contacts; Keeping it on hand when networking and getting the message across to hire and provide opportunities for working-class creatives whether that be in person, via social media or email.

To Sign up to be a Supporter follow this link

If you are in need of a creative, have opportunities to share or are interested in collaborating with the creatives you can contact them directly via their email on their profile. Your connections and opportunities could be incredibly beneficial to a working-class creative.



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