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Working Class Creatives Database member Aidan Teplitzky has been interviewing Working class artists, sociologists and organisations for his podcast, "What is Your Working Class?". Starting in March 2021 he's already interviewed over 20 people and organisations. This podcast is an amazing opportunity to listen to working class voices! He opens up the conversation with two primary questions, "What is Working-classness today?" and "How does our working classness impact our work and our lives?

In Aidan's words "What is Your Working Class? is a new podcast exploring the rich variety that exists in working-classness today by talking to a range of artists, sociologists, and organisations that deal with class within their work. Each episode features a different guest talking about their work and covering subjects such as working-class representation, the complexity of meritocracy, class shame and pride, and how class intersects with gender, race and sexuality."

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here:

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