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Photographer, Film-maker


Alisha Brocklebank

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"Alisha Brocklebank is a visual artist from Grimsby and is currently based in London. Her work looks from an anthropological perspective at the links between emotion and experience with recent work including an ongoing project investigating the responses to and outcomes of empathy, as a result of looking into the psychological effects of family trauma. She aims to provide her audience with an insight into our similarities shared on a basic level, in order to re-establish the fundamentals of human connection, so often disregarded outside of smaller communities to create larger conversations. This includes the documentation of youth within the small working class town of Grimsby, commonly associated with a lack of independence or prosperity. Alongside this, her ongoing project includes the documentation of ‘hysteria’ within a wider social context, as opposed to it’s common association with womens' mental health. Her main inspiration is working with analog mediums and their evocation of nostalgia, but most importantly how this relates to the implementation of memories and their effects on identity."

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