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Ellie Pennick

Art Sales and Advisory

Alice Reed

Proof reading, Copy writing, Marketing & PR Advice

Beth Kane

I am the Coordinator of Exposure Photography Festival and was the previous Coordinator for FORMAT Photography Festival.

I am offering support for emerging WC photographers.

Joanna Hooper

Proofreading: I am happy to help with proofreading writing be it essays, articles, job or funding applications. I’ve been proofreading writing for people throughout my studies and am pretty good at bringing a critical eye to grammar, phrasing and content.

Charlotte Dawson

I am an Artist , Arts Educator & Arts Event Facilitator . I can help to support with ideas for creative workshops to suit all ages. I also founded and organise an annual arts event based in York called York River Art Market , this offers artists a platform to show and sell work to a public audience . I can also help with advice on how to set up ' grass roots' community arts events .

Beth Hughes

I'm a curator working at Arts Council Collection. I can help with approaching galleries for exhibitions and acquisitions, funding applications and exploring other opportunities. I also lead the Working Class British Art research network which provides a platform for artists to share their work.

James Hazel

(Basic to advanced) Music theory, Sound production, Sound-art, Sound studies, Text scores, Music notation, Composition (for instruments, voices, orchestra), Electroacoustic music, Electronic instruments, Music history, Sound installation, Performance and more.

Sean Roy Parker

I'd be happy to offer talks on economical artmaking and environmental activism. I can also share skills such as food fermentation and eco-dying fabrics.

Emelie Helsen

Mentoring, connecting with opportunities for speaking/teaching/ tutoring at Ravensbourne University London.

Warren Harper

I am a curator and researcher, and director of The Old Waterworks (@theoldwaterworks on insta). I am happy to offer advice, mentoring, tutorials as well as share opportunities, connections and contacts where I can to WC artists and curators.

Corie McGowan

Tutoring, Moving Image, Print-making, 3d Making, Art Theory, Advice to WC artists who need support with coping at art school or getting into art school and beyond.

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