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Painter, Printmaker, Multidisciplinary Artist, Hybrid Art


Bradley Tooke

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Bradley Tooke (b.1990) is an artist situated in Norwich, UK. His work aims to explore the nature of interaction with objects and images, often looking to ideas of memory and nostalgia. By applying different methods to found images and text, the work looks to create new narratives and meanings that would otherwise be unrealised from their origins.

He often uses fragments, pieces taken away from their original context and places them into a new setting to make his works. By connecting multiple fragments together, each ‘piece’ is able to apply its own isolated narratives, but also be able to interact with any number of other fragments to make new narratives within its new context.

Many of his works are mixed media, typically aiming to combine together both the physical and the digital. By combining these different forms, there is an intention to play with the idea of the multiple and the original. Treating the making process as a game, by applying rules and limitations to the making process, he is able to explore different ideas in new ways which wouldn’t be achieved if freely chosen without the game structures applied to them.

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