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Cherish Marshall

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Cherish's work delves into the darker side of human experience. We are trapped in conscious awareness, which inflicts upon us the understanding of our own suffering with painful clarity.

It is this understanding and the joyless moments that mould us into the person we become and lead us down paths we never dreamt we would follow. Cherish's work offers a space for these subjects to transform from the quiet pondering in the abyss of our minds and into poignant and somber conversation.

The work draws heavily upon text, Cherish uses statements from herself or others to forcefully feed the narrative she wants to tell. The text is situated on objects that Either sits in harmony or unsettle contradicts. Between the text and the object, the work are sculptural pieces that are commanding for you to read.

In 2018, Cherish's work was exhibited in The Freud Museum. Inspired by Freud's claim that "if its not one thing, it's your mother" she created an honest and striking piece, illustrating the declining relationship between herself and her own mother. This piece opened a dialogue and those who viewed it begun to open up about their own experiences, hopeful that they were are no alone in their whirlwind of traumatic turmoil. Cherish recognised the power of this kind of work can have. As a result, Cherish's work has struck a balance between revealing a personal side and a detached approach that allows the audience to put their own reality to it.

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