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Conor Rogers

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At the heart of Conor’s practice is storytelling. Visual, poetic, and symbolic, each work uses painterly and sculptural language to translate depictions from everyday life as a means of navigating time and place. Familiar subject matter is repositioned with a critical approach towards painting as object that allows common landscapes to extend beyond the illusion of what is seen and become both object and image at the same time. In combining image and object Rogers endeavours to expose the intense reality of life in Britain. His poetic narratives are used to uncover the nuances within his subjects and are translated through spoken word and text-based poetry. He utilises this combination of disciplines to translate the narratives behind his works and positions the role of sculptural installation as a catalyst for viewer engagement and dialogue. The artworks are by-products of deep personal connections formed from lived experience, memory, and conversation. They explore social commentary, cultural identities, class dynamics, stereotypes, and our sense of self in Britain. Both hyper-ordinary (quotidian, or even abject) and extraordinary, in these works we witness something precious, even jewel-like developed through hours of time and labour.

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