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Evelyn Albrow

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Evelyn Albrow is a ceramicist from Sheffield and works out of the city's Yorkshire Art Space. Evelyn hand-builds her vessels in crank clay and juxtaposes their large, abstract forms with ethereal detailed illustrations. Her work often centres around British folklore, myth, and women. Her decoration has fantastical qualities drawn from medieval imagery, art history, museum artefacts and the natural world. She is currently exploring multispecies stories, hybrids and alternative utopias. 
After graduating from Bristol University with a BA in History of Art, Evelyn gained a Masters in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art. She joined a small artist studio in London where she taught herself ceramics before moving back to Sheffield to focus on her practice. She has exhibited her work extensively throughout the UK and has run numerous workshops for children and young people in Sheffield, London and Bristol.

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