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Sound artist, Experimental composer

Manchester, UK

Gary Fisher

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Gary Fisher is a sound artist and experimental composer whose work explores sound through processes of inquiry and experimentation with objects, actions, words, places, and technologies. He records, composes, performs, and creates installations with various sound materials and approaches including found objects, found sounds, invented instruments, alternative approaches to traditional instruments, and interacting with spaces and places. Central to the work are the ideas of treating sounds as materials and treating materials as potential sound-makers, amplifying textures and surfaces of objects The work often creates dialogues and blurs boundaries between improvised and composed, analog and digital, intentional and accidental, noise and music, and always leaves room for elements of playfulness and humor.

Gary has a Masters in Sound Arts from The University of Arts London and a BA in Visual arts from The University of Salford. He has performed at festivals, in galleries, concert halls, public spaces, living rooms, and on live radio including Manchester Science Festival, Futuresonic Festival, Manchester Literature Festival, Resonance FM London, Venice Biennale, White Cube London with Christian Marclay and Thurston Moore and others

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