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Visual art, Painter, Photographer, Writer


Holly Hide

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I am an artist but never went to art college, probably because I didn't have the confidence to think that I could pursue art. It felt like a ridiculous idea.
But art has always remained important to me as a method of expression and in recent years it has been vital: something I want, and more than that, something I need.
I am interested in a wide range of particularly visual art (especially painting and photography but collage and screen printing also) and writing. Themes such as 'home', 'belonging' and 'identity' are important to me, given that I moved around so much as a child and feel unsure of what constitutes home for me.
I love the sea, I love nature, and although I am not a musician I am fascinated with how music impacts so much of everything we do.
I am currently working on black, white and blue paintjngs and photographs, and poems and prose.

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