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ceramicist/ceramic artist/craftsperson

london, uk

Iara Talledo Violani

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I discovered the magic of working with clay when I joined the University of Brighton’s 3D Design and Craft course in 2021 and specialised in throwing in my final year.

My current work is inspired by the modernist SESC Pompeia building in São Paulo where on one of my visits with my Brazilian family, I recall hearing that the shapes of the windows had been “randomly smashed out by a sledgehammer.” This “chaotic” and “unpredictable” approach to create something unique has been my driving force throughout the project, challenging my natural gravitation towards perfection and perfectionism.

After creating individual elements on the potter’s wheel, I reject the customary gentleness with which people treat soft, newly thrown pieces and instead collide them to create colourful collages. This method creates unique piles of shapes where I cannot predict how the clay will collapse and deform into each other upon contact.

By working through this project, I have avoided falling into the vicious cycle of seeking perfection - something unattainable - and relaxed into working more intuitively.

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