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Artist originally from Bradford, now living in Somerset.
I'm a painter who works in acrylic paint.

I sometimes take inspiration from my strange and troubled past and how that affects my present day to day existence. Other times I paint what's around me and try to find beauty even in the mundane.

​Themes in my work include struggles with mental health, addiction, poverty, the idea of feeling alien in this world and what it means to come to terms with those difficulties in an attempt to find peace.

Although dark themes can run through my work, there is usually a sense of humour present as that is a coping mechanism I use in life that I like to see reflected in my art.

​I'll be happy to leave behind a body of work that expresses what it was like to experience life in this body on this planet at this time from my point of view.

I have work in homes in Canada, across the U.S.A, in Spain, Switzerland, Australia and around England.

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