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Jack Halford

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Based in Leicester with a studio at Two Queens an artist run studio complex and gallery, I've been a practicing artist since I quit college at 18, exhibiting mainly in the Midlands. I'm currently studying painting at Camberwell College of art, University of the arts London which has given me the opportunity to exhibit in London for a few days so far, bit rubbish really. What I wanna do as an artist is subvert toxic masculinity, draw attention to neurodivergent people like me and bodies, I like bodies. to be honest I hate writing, that's why paint and make other stuff cos I find it hard to say stuff with words, although I do poetry, but it's just sweary jibba Jabba, good tho. eh yeah, materiality is important to me, the quality of the materials I use and the process behind them is the driving factor, I think cos I'm autistic it makes me more interested in processes, like I made a chicken nugget in 2021 from clay I dug up in my garden, it was a long process to get a really silly looking thing at the end of it.

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