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Jake Allen

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I grew up in Bolton, to a complicated family obsessed with music. I moved to London in 2015 and have been documenting the people, clubs, clothes & attitude a long the way. My writing is more personal, dealing with my experiences growing up working class and gay up north. Photography for me has helped me deal with my own traumas, it captures moments, it makes things real, thats why I use film, I love the idea of it being a chemical reaction literally capturing a moment. A lot of my photography work focuses on clubs, I love that so many people from so many walks of life come together, glam up and get off their faces, the horrors of the world are kind of left at the door and with the way the world is now it's our generations best escape. But it's more about people, moments and the human side of clubbing that I love capturing. I've been photographing for years now but have only recently started trying to build a career out of it, takes some hurdles of confidence, but things are scary and exciting at the minute and I want to be documenting it.

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