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Jo Fleming Smith

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I am a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily in painting and installation. My work consists of large scale abstract canvases alongside smaller works on paper and board.

My work follows the field of abstraction. I work with spontaneity and chance, exploring saturation of colour, layering, staining, using calligraphy, scrawl and repetition of mark.

The physicality and materiality of my process, often painting with my whole body, moving between multiple works simultaneously, allows relationships to develop over time.

The visual language I offer is a result of intuitive investigation drawing on urban and rural landscapes exploring individual experience, reclaiming space and time, and sharing memories and moments of commonality.

My current work investigates personal experience, reflecting on the transience and fragility of life through the panorama of changing skies, the power and beauty of the landscape and my inter connectedness to it.

I investigate the use of space, light and colour as form. Taking my initial inspiration from the landscape around me I follow an immersive process responding to the environment I inhabit.

I start by archiving the sky, walking daily, taking photographs and developing colourscapes, selecting a limited palette to work within. The work explores the abstracted sky space, some retain the horizon line. Each piece is developed intuitively responding to the chance marks, layers of paint and scratched surface until a place of equilibrium is found.

Having recently moved to Derbyshire to set up my home studio I have experienced the recent spate of storms beginning with Storm Agnes. The climate crisis is starkly evident. Nestled openly in the landscape the weather has been wild and wet. My work responds to this, constantly exploring the changing light and colour.

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