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I grew up by the seaside in the 1980s in Fleetwood as the fishing trade was waning. As a child, I didn’t go away on holiday. We used to rent a beach bungalow in the same town and spend our days on the beach, catching crabs, building sand castles and breathing the sea air. The seaside is still visible in my work today and is the starting point for all the work that I do. I love to try and capture the energy of a place through layers of drawing and painting.

I am a painter, poet and potter, living and working by the Lancashire Seaside taking time and space to combine my passion for visual art and ceramics to create rebellious artwork. Making pottery and painting calms my mind and soul, gives me focus and allows me to explore the world in ways that would not otherwise be possible due to my disabilities.

I am tenacious in my mindset which is useful as I have problems with fine and gross motor skills, so working with my hands has been a journey in controlling my limited skills but finding ways which I can make them work for me. I draw and paint daily, constantly pushing what I can do on paper to improve my drawing skills within my limitations.

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