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London/ Lincoln

Karolina Dworska

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"The theme of the ‘in-between’ is a recurring one within my practice and recent plaster and metal work; touching up on mistranslations; fantasy spaces; of balancing precariously somewhere between definitions, and between my two countries. I explore growing up within a working class, Polish diasporic community a lot within my work, particularly in regards to the domestic sphere, migration and food. I create a lot of work about dreamscapes, in which things aren’t quite right, undefined and uncomfortable. Aside from my sculptural work I also spend my time printmaking; I have an ongoing monoprint series titled Pepsi Dreams and Coca Cola Nightmares, in which I have been using the motif of a rotten tooth, and recounting tooth nightmares, fuelled by anxiety, bad dentist experiences and a childhood addiction to Coca Cola."

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