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Katie Hogg

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My practice centres around making transportive art that provides the viewer a place of play and nostalgia. Arriving at making from a working-class upbringing, the work presents ideas of escapism and regression, as a response to the seemingly unavoidable challenges the working class must face in the wake of adulthood. The work uses low tech material to facilitate reactionary play, exploring intuitive and instinctual making as an individual experience. The aesthetics are influenced by the fundamentals of formalist sculpture, exploring ideas of form, space, and balance. It uses acid bright colours, often found on kids T.V shows, to trigger overwhelming sensations of nostalgia and childhood innocence. My work is made to help adults re connect with play and reflect on their own warped concepts of it that have evolved during the loss of their childhood self. It exists to resonate with the working class and involve them in the discussion of contemporary art.

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