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Multidisciplinary Artist

London, England / Derry, Northern Ireland

Kelly Ewing

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My practice explores Irish folklore and the portrayal of the Irish feminine as object, unruly landscape and alien entity. I am interested in folklore depicting the phenomena of the otherworld; Mag Ildathach. My work is informed by ideas of the body as landscape, the interplay between reality and artifice in digital and physical spaces, bio-morphism, transcendental imagination and gendered crafts practices.

Exploring the relationship between physical spaces and transcendental virtual worlds, I use augmented reality to hack my environment to reimagine and build a new mythology within my own surroundings. Using a variety of materials and approaches, I explore and build worlds and objects that are my interpretation of this feminine otherworld, creating an alternative female bodily space. These biomorphic objects are activated using augmented reality, installation and video, drawing and performance, exploring the bodies interior environments, textures, masses, shapes and forms.

Working across a variety of approaches focused on sustainability, I take an experimental approach to material use and alternative making processes. Repurposing salvaged materials from previous projects and industrial sites such as cardboard, paper, plastic, mattresses, packaging and filler; I reuse these materials to build my sculptural works, letting the material inform the physical outcome of the work.

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