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Textile Design, Set and Interior Design, Fashion

East London

Kirsteen Hardie

Job Title: 





I have recently moved to London after running my own fashion label called Syd & Mallory based in Sheffield and have worked in the fashion and textiles industry in many capacities for the past 15 years. All our products were designed and made in store and locally printed.

For the past 14 years I’ve established a business in clothing design and manufacture, with a specialist distinct style in textile design and individual fashion style. I offer a uniqueness to design that stands out from other brands in my field, which I feel is a great skill to push forward into working for other fashion and textile companies. I’ve also worked in costume design and theatre.

I work across many creative disciplines. I have excellent knowledge of sewing, fashion, costume, interior and set design. I have a teaching qualification, this lends well to sharing knowledge within a group. I’ve worked on location as well as static so my skills are versatile and transferable to different working environments. I feel I can offer something a bit different, and maybe some ideas and skills you may not have already in your team.

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