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Laura Lulika

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Hiya I'm Laura, a disabled and neurodivergent artist and parent based in Leeds. Tracing a wiggly line from the ancient to the contemporary ways that storytelling unfolds is the thread of interest that runs through all of my creative experiments. I use whatever materials I can get my hands on, scrap, natural or digital, and I am learning to integrate environmental sustainability into my practice. Health precarity and changing access needs shapes my creative practice and has required me to switch directions.

Part of my work involves providing training, talks, workshops, auditing and access documents for arts organisations and festivals. I am currently supporting Counterflows Festival in Glasgow and Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden.

I am a trustee at my local community arts organisation, East Leeds Project.

My audio-visual installation Auto-Haunt is currently open at Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin as part of Transmediale's exhibition, it's perfect, perfect, perfect. This project will be developed and the results will be conjured at Glasgow International Festival at Queens Park Glasshouse in June with Clay AD, Jack Murphy and Hang Linton.

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