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Multidisciplinary Artist

Redruth, Cronwall

Liam Jolly

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I’ve made work with buskers, footballers and second hand car dealers. While my work is varied — making paintings, film, sound, performance and public interventions — it explores archetypes, seriality and personal biography, whilst also considering how artworks perform; where does something become and stop being art, and who decides?

The work is always situated at physical and conceptual thresholds and by merging high and lowbrow iconography, I’m interested in talking to people beyond the art world and engaging different communities to share a positive experience of contemporary art.

Similarly, in setting up Auction House — a project and exhibition space in Redruth — I’ve expanded my collaborative tendencies, working with people across cultural and academic communities to build community.

Auction House hosts a regular programme of public exhibitions and events, recently including Mark Leckey’s Music & Video Lab, a project that offered people aged 18-24 the opportunity to learn video editing and music production which Jolly co-led with the Turner Prize Winning Artist, in association with CAST in Helston.

Adjacent to this, I also work in many public-facing fields informed by this interest in gathering and community. Within this dissonance of shifting positions between public and private – on and off stage, internal and external – my work explores all that makes and connects us; from the micro to the macro as well as the bits that are missing.

Recent exhibitions, awards and residencies include : Four Four, Grays Wharf, Penryn. 2022, Pa-ra-did-dle (with Krystle Patel), TURF Projects, Croydon; Antibodies, Make Tank, Exeter; Your Foot in my Face and other Tectonic Strategies, Kingsgate Project Space, London. 2021; Where is the Way to Arcadia? in So the Red Rose, Tyman & Webster, Arkadien festival, Ebersberg Kunstverein, Germany. 2021; Synethesia, Online Project 2020, Amen Brother, Exeter Phoenix Artists Moving Image Commission 2018; Structures, Newlyn Art Gallery.

He is also a music promoter and musician, currently playing drums in the band Disco Rococo.

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